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All our tips for successful bedroom lighting

The bedroom is generally preferred ultra-cozy, full of charm with a restful light for nights suffused with softness. The lighting in the bedroom plays a crucial role in its atmosphere. Built in sliding door Wardrobe Between suspension, bedside lamp and small spotlights, there are several ways to illuminate your room and this lighting is essential to set the tone of the room.

What lighting to favor in an adult bedroom?

If the bedroom is only a room dedicated to rest with a single sleeping area, we prefer lamps with reduced brightness which aim to rest instantly. If the bedroom has several spaces, the good tip lies in the alternation of lights so that each corner has an appropriate brightness. Thus, the night area relies on bedside lamps, the office area favors a strong light to see well, but especially not aggressive to avoid damaging the eyes, the dressing area adopts intense and tonic light to see clearly and find your belongings immediately. Finally, if the bedroom is simply divided into two spaces, a sleeping area and an office area or a sleeping area and a dressing area, we choose a cozy atmosphere on the side of the bed to move towards more imposing and energizing lighting in the spaces. Dedicated to work and storage

Usually, the bedside lamp is placed on either side of the bed on the bedside tables that frame it. To avoid too classic bedroom decoration, have fun adopting an original model that revisits the codes of decoration with an eccentric lampshade , Home Offices Birmingham a lamp base that acts as a storage compartment, a lamp with a graphic shape, and why not the connected lamp from IKEA? Here, the idea is to revisit the decoration without changing its components, but by changing the spirit and the style. A sober bedroom with a bed bordered by bedside tables on which lamps rest must be ingenious and out of the ordinary in order to stand out and offer a changing bedroom decoration.

The pendant light to give tone to the bedroom

The pendant light also has a say in the lighting of the bedroom. The latter is better suited for regular use during the day when you prefer to have the necessary light, especially if the room is exposed to the north. If the bedroom is spacious, we have fun installing a monumental, graphic pendant light that is out of the ordinary. The pendant lamp must announce the color, it must set the tone to give character to the decoration of the room by its simple presence. For a perfect harmony we like to match it with bedside lamps, in terms of color or style.

Through our special file, discover our advice and shopping selections for a successful bedroom decoration in terms of lighting.

The nightstand is as practical as it is aesthetic. This small extra piece of furniture occupies an essential place for our comfort and contributes, more than it seems, to the necessary order in the room where the atmosphere must be serene and conducive to rest.

Where to place the nightstand?

Before falling in love with a nightstand model, you will have to pay attention to the space allocated to it. You will also have to take into account the idea of ​​the use you reserve for it. Wardrobes Birmingham placed on one or both sides of the bed, it must have a large enough tray to place a bedside lamp, one or more books, a clock radio. It is your lifestyle in this intimate room that will help you define the right dimensions for your bedside table.




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