What are the top 5 snow blowers?

This is the model to buy if you are looking for a cheap, yet powerful electric snowblower. This is equipped with a powerful 2000 W motor and offers a working width of 46 cm. honda snowblower Very practical, it has an ergonomic foldable handle and fitted with a 190 ° adjustable discharge chute.

The best high-end model: the cordless snow thrower from Green works

This 40V cordless snow blower not only captivates with its ease of use but also with its performance. Apart from the silent operation, it is characterized by its LED lighting for safer use in dark weather. What’s more, this tool offers an impressive 51 cm clearing length

How to choose a quality snow blower?

Horsepower is a determining factor when it comes to purchasing a snow blower. Variable depending on the model, it determines the performance and speed of the device. The thermal versions prove to be the most powerful and are ideal for clearing heavy snow.

MN advises you to opt for a power between 3 and 5 HP which is sufficient to clear snow from your driveway as well as the average entrances. Electric snow blowers are more suitable for light or moderate snow that invades a balcony or a small driveway.

However, it is preferable to choose a model with a power of around 2000 W for better efficiency. Finally, for cordless snow throwers, turn to a machine with a voltage of at least 40 V.

According to its dimensions

The dimensions of the snow thrower are also among the characteristics to consider. As with the power, you have to take into account the terrain and the use you give to the tool.

For special use on a small to medium driveway, honda snowblower we recommend a model with a width of 24 to 28 inches and a clearing length of 46 to 51 cm. You will thus be able to benefit from better handling and easy storage. Beyond that, the machine will be more difficult

Depending on the handlebars and their grips

The handlebars are also an element that should not be overlooked when choosing a snow blower. Indeed, it is a tool that can be used with both hands.

The handles must therefore be very ergonomic for better handling. Some models benefit from heated grips for even more comfortable handling.

Others even have LED lighting for better visibility at dawn or dusk. Also, it is preferable that the handlebars are foldable for a minimum of bulk and easy storage.

Note that the most reliable snow blowers have the most options. For example, you will find models that are equipped with a 180 ° swivel discharge chute for more control. Some devices with a safety button turn off automatically if you do not hold their handles.

You can also find snow blowers equipped with bed cutters on the market. These prove to be more efficient and faster on snow banks. As for the models offering forward and reverse gears, they are especially useful when there is a lot of snow to be cleared.

Why buy an efficient snow blower?

There are many reasons to buy an electric or petrol snow blower. honda snow blower It is an essential tool to face a snowy winter.

Benefiting from a powerful engine and a wide wheelbase, it is particularly effective for clearing snow from your driveways and entrances. It gathers and ejects snow in one movement for quick use and impeccable results.