How To Plan Your Trip To Kenya To Get Optimum?

This is the first and most important question for every visitor while planning a trip to Kenya regarding services.  This is obvious too as if you are first time visitor of Kenya; you won’t be having any idea about the locality and services available there.  Kenya Safari Tours will support you a lot.  Read about them and act accordingly. You should manage the things before executing the trip to Kenya.  Have a look on the tips and definitely your trip will be ever remembering:-

  • Invest some time to learn about the locality you are planning to visit
  • Collect information of the services available at destination (s)
  • Select the tour operator and have a word with them before finalizing the trip
  • Keep necessary clothing and accessories required there
  • Carry minimum luggage as it will support you in enjoying a hassle free trip
  •  Keep your cameras and other equipment in working condition 
  • Have clothing and accessories according to the season
  • Ensure the documentation is correct and as per official procedure, wherever required
  • Ensure to carry Power Bank with you at all times as you may not get charging facility in forest areas

Touring attractions of Kenya have vast potential to fetch the attention of even listeners.  Those who have visited the land are really lucky as they experienced the twin facts.  Yes, the very first of the two is natural beauty and the next one is kind and well managed tour services.  No doubt that safari tours are designed in such ways that provide you value of every Penney and every second of your precious time. Tour operators of Kenya understand if somebody is purchasing the package irrespective of its validity, she/he is expecting the excitement.  Accordingly they provide their services to each kind of package buyers.  No matter you are coming from a corner of the globe, but definitely on reaching Kenya all your tiredness will evaporate. Airport transfers Nairobi Kenya service never disappoints you.

During your trip the most important place is the hotel you are being provided by the tour operator.  The level of the hotel may be different according to your package but standard of hospitality will be the same. After a full day wandering, you will need a soothing accommodation to recharge for the next day.  You will see that Hemingways hotel Nairobi is able to provide you the best retiring experience.  Feel the level of kind hospitality and home like treatment of Africa!

How To Choose The Best Kenya Safari Tours?

Kenya offers attractive animal safaris and they are spread wide throughout the country. It could be a 2 day safari or 10 day tour encompassing limited or complete Kenya Best Safari Tours. You have a wide choice of safaris and they could be classic safaris or luxury safaris depending on how much you can afford for the Kenya safari tours. The types of safaris you can book Kenya, Africa will include

  • Walking Safaris
  • Horseback Safaris
  • Cycling Safaris
  • Water Safaris
  • Photographic Safaris
  • Balloon Safaris
  • Air Safari
  • Elephant back safaris
  • Jeep Safari

Depending on your preference you can take any one of them or try many. Classic safaris are the most adventurous as it gives you authentic wildlife experience. For a laid back safari tour you can opt for the luxury variety which consists of pickups at every point and stay at luxury hotels. You could book an air safari in a plane or a balloon safari to take the breath taking view of the Masai Mara or the Great Migration. A photographic safari will provide you the opportunity to spot and observe wild animals form concealed locations. A walking safari will need lots of courage and adventurous minded travelers can opt for them. A horseback or elephant back safari is more suited for the African conditions and will offer a better vantage spot to observe wildlife.

Make your African safari comfortable with Hemingways

While you plan to undertake a Kenya or Tanzanian safari you should also think about booking accommodation near Nairobi, the most favorable launching pad for an African Safari. Hemingway’s hotel service in Nairobi is one of the best as it provides luxury accommodations in the form of deluxe rooms, with air conditioning, private bathrooms, balconies or terraces, and seating area. spa, free Wi-Fi, outdoor swimming pool, free parking, free breakfast, concierge service etc. and is only 9 miles from Nairobi. You can use well equipped kitchenette and dining area, and the restaurant also serves European cuisine, bar services and meeting rooms. the Kenyatta Airport is only 19 miles from the hotel and the Nairobi National Park is only16 miles away. An elephant nursery is nearby and so is the Langata Giraffe Sanctuary. The hotel is well recommended for couples on a honey moon trip laced with safari tour.  It is important that you reserve a comfortable accommodation at the start of African safari tour and Hemingway’s could prove that particular accommodation. You need to book early to get reservation as it will swell during seasons.