An Simple Way To Make Your Own Essential Oils

Have you read about this recently? Many people claim that essential oils and wrinkles have a direct correlation – using the oils in your skin creams can help in removing wrinkles from your skin. But is that really true? Let’s find out.

iStock ImageFor example, you can add them to the water and take a bath. A very good way to relieve muscle tension if you’re an active sportsman. Then again, you can also use them directly on your skin (they have to be diluted first), or spray them in the air and inhale them. Essential Oils are not be confused with synthetic fragrance oils, because the latter do not have the therapeutic properties, so always be careful about that when buying.

Try Lavender on acne, eczema, psoriasis, scars, and burns. Rene Gattefosse a French scientist discovered that lavender helps the tissue to regenerate and speed up the healing of burns that are severe.

Antihistamines or any over-the-counter remedies designed to stop or dry up a cough or cold symptoms would make the laryngitis worse, so always avoid cold and cough remedies. Using these synthetic remedies tends to drive the infection deeper into your body and actually manifest elsewhere. Work with your body to naturally loosen the mucous and allow the infection to run its course quickly and naturally. Using oils in lots of different therapies will speed the process and help eliminate the infection completely for deep, permanent healing.

Do you have a fever? Add 1-2 drops of Peppermint to a bowl of cool water. Dip a cloth into it and then sponge down (avoid the eyes) and it will bring your fever down.

Fill the bowl with warm water, light a tea candle under it, add a few drops of your favorite oil, and the room is quickly filled with the aroma of your choice.

Children naturally love to learn and be a part of what you’re doing, so start teaching them how to stay healthy early. Since organic Essential Oils are safe for children, you can teach them how to make up the spray themselves. That’s what my grandson Tyler does. My daughter had some troublesome ants this summer, and Tyler jumped in and made up the peppermint and Purification oils and started spraying. So whenever he sees ants, he knows what oils to use and what to do. Make it fun too, by spreading a line of peppermint oil in front of the ants on the patio or floor to see if they will cross it. They will actually head the other way!

Apart from a skin allergy as discussed above, after application of a blend, the animal may suddenly show heavy breathing, lethargy, or seem distressed. If possible, remove the oil as explained in the Test Spot. Keep your animal calm and in a safe environment with clean fresh water. The effects should wear off electric room diffuser after a little while. Don’t forget to seek veterinarian care if needs be or in doubt.

Lastly know your supplier. Try to buy from reputable companies and from sources that give the above information or are prepared to answer your questions. And if in doubt consult a qualified aroma electric diffuser for advice.