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Eulogy Speech Origins and Tradition

The word eulogy comes from 2 words in Greek, namely “eu” that means good; and “logo” that means word. If translated literally, a eulogy means a formal expression of praise. Typically, eulogy is a tribute that’s meant for honoring and praising an individual who has just lately passed away. It can be within the written or oral form.

Death has always fascinated people for centuries. It’s an unsolved thriller and lots of ceremonies had been held in ancient instances to honor and as well as understand this mysterious event. In ancient Rome, eulogy was always delivered in the oral form to remember and honor an elite member of the society. Normally, the eulogy was given by a close relative or son of the deceased. It was always positive in nature and was meant to bolster the status of the grieving family.

The early Christians used the Roman influence to draft their eulogies, but in addition they went on to add a spiritual tone to them. These eulogies used to have some message from the Bible and had been additionally used to honor the deceased. In addition, the early Christian eulogies used to ask for assist from the community for the grieving family. Generally, these eulogies used to dwell on heaven, reunion of the deceased individual with members of the family who had passed away earlier and everlasting life. The eulogies had been invariably orated by monks or pastors.

In trendy days, eulogies not have non secular connotations attached to them. They are read by shut friends and family members to honor the departed person. Generally, trendy-day eulogies are supposed to lighten the grief by highlighting the a few of the enjoyable moments spent with the deceased. In addition, eulogies are meant to supply solace and comfort to the grieving household members. Right this moment, many people are using technology to present their eulogies for a detailed good friend or family member. It is common nowadays to have presentations, slide shows and even audio recordings as a part of the eulogy.

Many individuals scour the Internet to look for templates of eulogies and the strangest part is that there are a lot of websites that supply tutorials on writing eulogies and also give samples of eulogies. The way a eulogy is current in trendy times is completely completely different from how it was presented within the ancient times. Individuals look at eulogies as a way to cope with their grief of shedding a liked one and one of the best ways to do it is by lightening a somber moment by saying something humorous or humorous in regards to the recently departed person.

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