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Finding the Best SEO Agency How to Find a Good SEO Agency for You

The SEO industry is suffering! She suffers seo agency birmingham from a few black sheep whose business model is based on dubious means. By using dubious, non-professional methods, the SEO goals are often only achieved for a short time before the rankings drop again. The result: Companies lose confidence in SEO measures and in SEO agencies. A customer who has made negative experiences is usually twice as careful and can be for search engine optimization (Engl. Search Engine Optimization) rarely inspire. So it pays to look very carefully when looking for a good SEO agency . In this article you will find out which other points should be considered so that you can find the best SEO agency for yourself .

The questions of all questions …

How an agency actually works in the end will only become apparent from the beginning of the cooperation. As I said, there are quality indicators that help with the selection, such as For example, whether the agency can present successful case studies , whether it is willing to meet with the client in person (or to have a longer phone call if the distance is too far) and whether an initial free SEO analysis is carried out in order to to show how the agency works. These and many other indicators or criteria, which we present in the following video and article, can serve as guidelines for quality assessment. This is how you recognize a professional and good SEO agency. Here you have to look carefully to find the best SEO agency for you To make it easier for you to choose the right SEO agency , I have summarized a few points that can speak for or against an agency. Be careful with firm commitments and promises. Hopefully very few customers should fall for that. You should avoid an agency that promises rankings (we put them in the top ten on Google after X time). No matter how good SEOs work in the agency, there is always only a limited external influence on the rankings on Google. In addition, the factors for good Google rankings are constantly changing (without prior notice, of course). Guarantees are therefore excluded. Also an SEO company that claims that you have contacts with Google itself, that you are a partner or something similar. and can therefore firmly promise the rankings, has definitely not earned any trust with such statements.

References from companies

Who does not know the many beautiful seo firm in birmingham colorful logos of well-known companies on the well-known SEO agency websites? Unfortunately, one should also be careful here. The agency may have only worked as a small subcontractor and only took on minimal tasks. Here, as a customer , it is important to ask what exactly the agency has done for the well-known companies.

Case studies

Ask about a recent case study . Many agencies have at least one or, better still, several case studies on successful customer projects to demonstrate their success. Do not let yourself be distracted by great pictures and the visual representation. Hard facts such as B .:

Has visibility been increased?

Have the traffic and the number of clicks increased?

Could the new visitors be converted into leads or customers?

Was it possible for the customer being looked after to increase their sales through the measures taken by the SEO company?

Every agency should be able to present good case studies and explain in detail what has been implemented and what success these measures have been.

Industry knowledge

It is even better if the SEO agency has knowledge of your industry and can even present a case from it. This is not mandatory , but it can show that the agency has already gained important experience in this niche / industry.

SEO quality certificate

Do not be too blinded by your decision ppc course in birmingham by certificates , as an SEO seal of approval does not say anything about the work of the SEO company. Certificates indicate that one or more employees have acquired a qualification . That is good, but that alone is not meaningful enough to judge whether your website is also competently maintained. To do this, you have to check other points that are shown in this post.




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