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Grado SR60e and SR80e Headphones Review

Made by hand in an unassuming block working in Brooklyn, NY, Grado earphones resist all advanced sound plan rationale. They don’t have gaudy plans. They don’t have cool highlights. They don’t follow any of the acknowledged business guidelines for what a sound mark ought to resemble. 

All things being equal, Grado earphones are worked out of metal, heart, and a ton of high pitch energy. They’re somewhat wonderful… however I don’t figure the greater part of my perusers would appreciate paying attention to them more than once.


The Grado SR60e and SR80e are open-back wired earphones that sell for $79 and $99, separately. They never go on markdown. Outwardly, sr60 vs sr80  the earphones seem to be indistinguishable. Both elements have a similar revered mechanical plan and ear cushions. Both have to some degree thick for all time appended 4 conduit links with a 3.5mm attachment on the end. 

For $20 extra, the SR80e offers “De-focused on drivers.” Grado doesn’t discuss what this interaction includes, other than to say it’s restrictive, and I would prefer not to tear my earphones apart and search for small form contrasts. 

On the off chance that I needed to figure, it’s some combo of doping and damping. “Doping” the driver includes slathering it’s anything but an answer or polymer or something to that effect to change its general thickness and inflexibility, ideally working on its exhibition. Diverse damping materials inside the cup can likewise change the reaction of the driver fundamentally. 


Grado earphones sound totally unique in relation to some other powerful driver earphones I’ve at any point utilized, open back or something else. They’re at first puzzling. Also, following half a month of utilization, they’re as yet a wild, abnormal, and “mixed bag” listening experience. 

They highlight a characteristic, smooth bass reaction with barely enough oomph to get some glow on music where it’s present. The DT990 is all the more noticeably bassy, just like a portion of Sennheiser’s open earphones, yet both of those are more costly. 

And afterward the STABBING starts. 

I’m not regularly as high pitch delicate as certain people. Be that as it may, everybody will see the sharp high pitch on these. The upper mids and high pitch here have unlimited energy and force, with irregular spikes and pinnacles that you will totally see, maybe even on the main second you tune in. 

This doesn’t care for the Beyerdynamic range where it’s something you could become accustomed to. This is exceptional, stunning, lively, splendid drivel. No earphone ought to likely be adjusted thusly, however Grado took the plunge. On some unacceptable tunes, you’ll hear a sibilant spiky wreck, particularly in the event that you like to tune in at high volumes. 

In any case, in case you’re similar to me and you don’t tune in at high volumes, and you’re an aficionado of acoustic material and female vocals, the outcomes are some of the time otherworldly. 


An unusual mix of bad dream and incredible. 

You can change Grado earphones into a near limitless number of positions. The headband is a strong piece of bendable aluminum, and it can truly take the twisting. Go crazy. Lower or raise the brace however much you might want. Change its state to more readily suit your head. Do whatever you’d like! 


None! Except if you consider a 6.3mm connector an extra. 

The link is sufficiently thick and solid inclination, and in the event that you venture up to the models that cost more than the SR80e, the link mysteriously gets thicker. That clues at something I for one find engaging. Grado has dominated the craft of selling a wide assortment of items that offer little overhauls. 

Yet, know this: in case you’re looking for a Grado, they all have a similar center sound signature, pretty much. You’re getting an incredible arrangement at $79 for the SR60e, or more that… you’re paying for different little upgrades that have been painstakingly chosen to attempt to part you from a greater amount of your cash. 

I don’t believe they’re defrauding individuals precisely, however don’t let your cerebrum’s regular craving for more improve your wallet, particularly in the event that you’ve never heard this odd sound. 


I’m at last glad I purchased two sets of these despite the fact that their sound is marginal un-listenable and penetrating on a portion of my #1 trace. The $99 studio-style earphone market is pretty much vanquished by any semblance of the 7506, M40X, and other well known shut back earphones. You understand what you’re getting with those.




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