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High Estrogen? Top 5 Symptoms

High estrogen shouldn’t be a extremely popular topic for menopausal ladies these days.

In actual fact, the hottest topic in menopause is low estrogen — but what about all of the women experiencing symptoms of high estrogen?

Typically, girls in peri menopause (the first phases of menopause) expertise estrogen dominance symptoms before they experience low estrogen signs!

Why? Throughout this time, our progesterone levels are low. Progesterone is a hormone that balances estrogen, so a low level of progesterone permits estrogen to dominate, and we experience symptoms of estrogen dominance — even if our estrogen levels are normal.

1. Weight Gain

The typical girls in peri menopause and menopause positive aspects 5 to 12 pounds.

Yikes! Too much estrogen can sluggish your metabolism and enlarge fat cells in your stomach and thighs.

Keep away from refined carbohydrates, become involved in a workout program that you just love, and eat your veggies.

2. Tender Breasts

Ouch! This is no fun. It’s hard to function when your breasts hurt. You might have probably observed that as you go through your menstrual cycle, your breasts tend to harm just before you get your period. This is when your level of estrogen rises, and your breasts become fuller and more stuffed with fluid. All of that causes our breasts to change into tender.

It’s a bit harder to predict breast pain if you’re in peri menopause and you’re experiencing irregular periods.

Incorporating omega-three fats, fruits, veggies, and high fiber foods into your weight loss plan will make it easier to feel better.

3. Uterine Fibroids

Uterine fibroids are the most common type of fibroid present in women. They’re noncancerous growths of tissue and muscle in the uterus.

While they are not cancerous, they can cause you to bleed and to produce other disagreeable symptoms. Additionally, in a very small quantity of cases, uterine fibroids can pose an elevated risk of cancer, so see your doctor!

Extra estrogen promotes the expansion of uterine fibroids as do high blood pressure and obesity.

4. Fatigue

Excessive tiredness is another of the signs of high estrogen. Fatigue might show itself as exhaustion, or you might get headaches, joint pain, muscle aches, or fevers.

After being fatigued for lengthy quantities of time, it’s simple to fall into depression, so see your doctor and talk about therapy options when you’re feeling continually tired.

5. Headaches

While the exact cause of menopausal headaches and migraines is difficult to pin down, it’s clear that shifting hormones and an excess of estrogen can leave our heads pounding.

Some contraception pills can cause headaches alongside with not getting sufficient sleep, and excess caffeine and chocolate.

Many women use the herb, feverfew, to lessen their menopause migraines.

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