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Hoverboard, features and benefits

Segway, electric skate and electric unicycle already several years ago passed from the category of “exotic” into a vehicle familiar to many. hummer hoverboard But progress cannot be stopped. Now on the city streets you can meet people dissecting and on gyro scooters. This type of electric vehicle has appeared on the market relatively recently. What are its features and advantages?

In terms of its structure, a gyro scooter, which appeared on the market only in 2014, is very similar to a Segway. The difference is that the hoverboard has a more compact size and does not contain a steering column. Thanks to the latter fact, it is much easier to control the gyro scooter. As a rule, after a 15-minute workout, a person stands firmly on a gyro scooter. Unlike the Segway, where control is carried out using the steering column, the gyro scooter is set in motion when the body weight moves. That is, in order for the device to start moving forward or backward, it is necessary to tilt the body in the appropriate directions. Turning to the right or left is carried out by transferring body weight to one leg or the other.

Giroskuter: structural features

Outwardly, a gyro scooter, which is often called a mini-Segway, looks like a board with two durable wheels. If we talk about the internal structure of the device, then it includes the following elements:

•             Electric motor;

•             Gyroscopic sensors;

•             Control device (which processes information from sensors);

•             Accumulator battery.

Depending on the manufacturer, hoverboards can also have a whole range of additional functions. There are models that have a built-in information display, Bluetooth, small speakers for playing music, various backlights and much more. Such improvements allow the hoverboard to be not only a vehicle, but also a newfangled gadget.

Hoverboard: types and types

As for the classification of gyro scooters, hoverboards black friday sale it is customary to divide them according to the size of the wheels. It is on this parameter that the maximum speed of the hoverboard depends, as well as the terrain where you can ride.

4.5 inches. Such models are created especially for children. Thanks to small tubeless wheels, they are quite maneuverable and capable of speeds up to 12 kilometers. The most suitable “tracks” for skiing are a gym or a park with very good asphalt. The maximum load is 60 kg, the weight of the device is approximately 7 kg.

6.5 inches. Hoverboards with this wheel size once opened the marathon. It was this model that was presented the very first and received recognition first in China, and then throughout the world. Such a gyro scooter, like the previous one, feels more confident on smooth asphalt. As for the maximum load, these models can withstand a weight of up to 100 kg. Thanks to this, children and adults can ride them. The maximum speed is 20 km per hour, the weight of the vehicle varies within 12 kg.

8 inches. These hoverboards are slightly wider than their 6-inch counterparts, making them more comfortable. As for the rest of the characteristics, they are similar to 6-inch hoverboards.

10 inches. The main feature of 10-inch hoverboards is not only the size of the wheels, but also the fact that they are not rigid as in previous models. Thanks to pneumatic wheels on 10-inch hoverboards, you can cut at speeds of 20 km per hour both in parks and on sidewalks and roads. Such structures can withstand a weight of up to 120 kg.

In terms of design, segways uk manufacturers offer hoverboards in a very wide range of colors. From classic blacks, which are popular with men, to various colored and luminous models.




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