How do you handle a data breach?

How do you handle a data breach?

1. How high can the fines be for non-compliance?

Article 83 specifies the sanctions in case of violation of the GDPR. In particular, free social media score, any violation of the provisions relating to the notification of data protection breaches, (such as the failure to report a data protection breach in time, to provide a detailed description of a problem or to specify the measures that the organization will take) may cost the company 10 million euro or 2% of its overall annual turnover for the previous fiscal year, whichever is greater.

2. Are there any other consequences besides fines?

In addition to the right to impose administrative fines, the competent supervisory authorities have the right to issue warnings and reprimands, to oblige companies to report infringements to the persons concerned, and, in extreme cases, to prohibit them from doing so. process personal data (Article 58). However, it is unlikely that the supervisory authorities will impose the maximum penalty for each security incident. Once a company cooperates with the investigation and demonstrates that it is working hard to improve safety, it will likely avoid huge penalties.

Case Studies: Three Recent Data Breach Notification Gaps

Research indicates that failure to report data breaches in a timely manner is often the result of inadequate security controls and inadequate management decisions. C-level executives choose to cover up the breach to avoid heavy fines, and damage their reputation, by neglecting the interests of those who have entrusted them with sensitive data, data breach, and deserve to be notified if that data is compromised. The GDPR codifies and extends the rights of data subjects, in order to force these executives to rethink their responses or to face more severe consequences.

Here are three examples of companies that failed to keep their customers’ data secure and promptly notify affected parties of data breaches. In all three cases, companies were aware of security incidents long before they decided to report them, making the situation even worse. Once the GDPR is in effect, similar behavior could easily result in a fine of 10 million euros.

In summary

As these examples illustrate, data breach notifications must be handled properly, especially once GDPR goes into effect. You need to control what happens with your data, as well as have a clear and tested plan in place to respond to an intrusion. IT infrastructures have grown more complex, making it harder than ever to track data flows and ensure that sensitive files aren’t overexposed. To be able to quickly detect data breaches, and report them quickly, as required by GDPR, you need to understand what users are doing in the IT environment. Plus, check your social media score, knowing where your sensitive data resides and who has access to it will help you determine the extent of a privacy breach and which records may have been compromised.




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