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How to choose a percussion massage gun for personal use.

Percussion massage guns are a relatively new trend in the world of massage. More recently, they have been used by professional massage therapists at their appointments. Massage therapy gun the reason why these guns began to be included in the course of massage therapy is that they really work out problem areas well, and the same one perfectly “breaks” and relaxes clogged muscles.

In this article, we will try to tell you what to look for when buying a percussion massage gun, as well as compare percussion guns in different price categories. However, it should be noted that for the main consumer of this product, we will take a specific class of people – athletes, regardless of the type and direction of sports. Those. In fact, people who do not have health problems to a large extent, whose main task is to restore muscles after hard training. If you have problems with the spine or any other types of diseases that are not compatible with intensive massage, we advise you to contact a specialist in this field for medical advice.

So, if we started thinking about buying an impact massage gun, let’s first consider what advantages we can get by purchasing this device:

Percussive massage gun

Saving money on periodic massage in salons. If you go in for sports, and your muscles are often “clogged” and are in tension, then one way or another you will have to use the services of masseurs. After all, massage really helps to relax and restore muscles and bring your body into the required tone. With the help of a shock massage gun, you can massage yourself or ask a loved one to help massage problem areas, thereby, you can save, in the long run, on paying for a massage therapist. Because when you buy a percussion gun, you pay once, and it pays off in 4-5 massage sessions (if we consider the average price – percussion massage gun).

Mobility, the ability to massage almost anywhere. Yes this is true. Again, if you are an athlete and often move, traveling or competing, then finding a good massage therapist in an unfamiliar city or even more so in a country is not so easy. sportneer massage gun In such a situation, you run the risk of throwing money down the drain, and even worse, an incompetent massage therapist can also harm your body. And every athlete needs to recover after training. Therefore, one of the main reasons on the scales “FOR”, with existing doubts, in buying a shock massage gun, is precisely – mobility. Since the device is small, it fits easily into a backpack. And you can use it in any hotel, train, or even in the passenger seat of a car.

The regenerative effect of the massage. It is not in vain that professional massage therapists began to use these devices in their practice. After all, they are really good at working out problem areas. The impulse and frequency of impact that the pistol generates breaks and relaxes the tense muscle. You will feel the effect immediately, just like after a regular manual massage. And this is really tested by experience and time.

 Various types of massage. Depending on the intensity (frequency) of the blow and the type of attachments, you can choose a comfortable and effective massage for yourself. As a rule, several attachments are included with the massage gun, which are designed for different types of massage. Further, in our article, we will consider what and what nozzles are used for.

So, drawing a conclusion from all the arguments “FOR”, we can say the following:

If you buy an average- benefits of a massage gun (in the region of 9-12 thousand rubles), then, provided that one session with a good massage therapist costs in the range of 1000-2500 thousand rubles / hour (if we consider the average prices for these services in Moscow), our purchase will pay off in 5-7 sessions. Also, after purchasing a pistol, you can always make yourself a massage at any place, even arriving on a trip.




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