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Know the types of PPC adds that exist Where do they appear?

Surely you have seen  PPC adds ppc firm birmingham in various places on the web every time you go on the internet for different activities and you may not have realized it. The point is, while sponsored search ads are the most famous, PPC ads can appear on different platforms , depending on your business goals and the type of ad you choose. Next I will show you the different options that exist to carry out a PPC campaign.

What are the possibilities of PPC ads in Google Ads?

When you create a new ad campaign in  Google Ads , the first thing you will need to do is select your campaign goals and then what type of ad you want, as the chosen campaign should be based on your  advertising goals  (although it is not mandatory to select one). In each advertising objective, it tells you what type of campaign is the most recommended, although all the settings are available regardless of the objective you choose, and you can change it whenever you want.

What kind of PPC campaigns are available?

Ads on the Search Network.

Ads on the Display Network.

Shooping Ads.

Video Ads.

PPC ads in the RRSS.

Ads on the Search Network

The  Search Network campaigns  are probably the best known and one of the most recurring by advertisers. In this sort of mission, your promotions will show up in Google close to the query items when somebody looks for a term that enacts one of the watchwords that you have recently decided for your PPC crusades.Text ads will appear as sponsored and may be next to or on top of search results. The objective of these ads is that users take an action

Display Network Adds

The  Display Network  is made up of a set SEO penalty removal training birmingham of web pages of different themes, in which you can promote your business and reach the user segment that interests you with  attractive ad formats . They can be in the form of an image , video or rich media . Unlike search ads, on the Display Network you can reach users who are at the earliest stage of purchase or to remind them of a product / service that has already interested them through  remarketing campaigns.Its main objective is to create  brand awareness  and advertisers tend to value the display of ads more than clicks to land on the web. If what you want is for people to see you, this is a good option.

Search with Display Expansion

You can include ads in your search and display network with this option to reach a greater number of users when they search Google or visit relevant web pages. Here, the formats can be text, image, rich media, or video. These campaigns are managed the same as a Search Network campaign, except that  the budget is shared between both networks . Generally, they will primarily show up on the Search Network, and may also appear on the Display Network if you’re not using your full daily budget.

Some of the Display advertising formats that exist

Shopping Ads

They are especially suitable if you have an  online store  and you want to promote your  product catalog. First of all, you must send a product feed through  Merchant Center , since this is the data that will be used to later display the ads along with the product photo, title, price or store name among other details. The  adds shopping  may appear in both  Google Shopping  and Search Network, with complementary text ads. They can also appear on the Display Network.

Source: Google Academy for Ads

Its objective is  to make the details of the products of your online store known  to potentially interested customers and increase sales. If you have an e-commerce, you will be interested in being on Google Shopping.

Video Ads

With this type of campaign you can  promote video ads  both on the YouTube platform and on the different websites that make up the Google Display Network.

You can choose from several video ad formats

In-stream  ads : These are the ads that appear before, during or after other videos on YouTube or on the Display Network. The user will be able to “skip” the ad within 5 seconds of its viewing.

Discovery Ads: They are  only shown on YouTube in places on the platform where users discover content. Its format varies depending on the content publishers.

Out-stream ads:  shown on Display partner web pages. They are only available for mobiles and tablets.

Bumper Ads: These  are shorter ads with a maximum duration of 6 seconds and cannot be skipped.

Non-skippable in-stream ads : last about 15 seconds and cannot be skipped. They are designed to ensure that your message reaches the user completely. Choosing this type of campaign is often aimed at  increasing brand awareness and preference , although it can also be used to drive traffic, depending on the ad.

PPC Ads on Social Media

PPC ads do not only appear on platforms digital marketing course in birmingham managed by Google Ads . The main Social Networks, such as  Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads or LinkedIn Ads  also offer the possibility of promoting ads. They are managed within the same Social Network and thanks to the information that the platform has on users, it allows  creating highly segmented audiences .As you can see, there are multiple possibilities to do a PPC campaign on the internet. You can choose the most appropriate for your business strategy or combine several according to the objectives you set for yourself.




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