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LG Optimus 7 Review: The Android Killer

Ever since Microsoft announced that they will be bringing the much-fancied Windows 7 OS to the mobile platform, everyone here in the UK thought it would be quite some time before any of these extravagant plans materialized. Surprisingly, Microsoft did launch the spanking new Windows Phone 7 OS last year and from what most mobile phone reviews make out of it, the OS is simply put “breathtaking”. Although Android’s stronghold into the OS market isn’t going to be disturbed just yet, when the final version or rather the tweaked WP7 OS does come out within the fag end of this year, many mobile phone reviews predict that the Androids mobile OS dominance could well be over.

Last year, LG had announced that it will be bringing its flagship Windows Smartphone this year. Well, staying true to their pledge LG will be launching the brand new LG E900 Optimus 7 within the current quarter as according to a few LG Optimus 7 reviews published online. Although LG Optimus 7 deals have not started to pop up just yet, going with a certain LG Optimus 7 review the deals will be fairly competitive, might well be below the average Android Smartphone handset.

The LG E900 is not just another exciting offering from LG but this handset does pack in all the modern technology that one can expect within a next-gen mobile handset. Weighing in at 157g, the Optimus 7 incorporates a next-gen 3.8 inches TFT capacitive touch screen display. Made entirely out of the latest Gorilla Glass, it boasts a built-in Accelerometer sensor, Proximity sensor along with complete touch-sensitive controls. The most recent LG Optimus 7 review suggests that the handset breezes through all the provided apps thanks to the powerful 1GHz Snapdragon CPU.

The Optimus 7 will ship in with 16GB of built-in storage according to LG Optimus 7 review that sadly can’t be expanded. On the plus side, most mobile phone reviews and mobile specification on the E900 are particularly impressed with the WP7 exclusive “DLNA support”. However, what makes WP7 handsets truly special is the possibility of playing online multiplayer “Xbox live games” right from your handset. Powered by XNA, the Xbox live games on the Optimus 7 work brilliantly. Nearly all mobile phone reviews agree on the fact that the games are much better than those seen on Android handsets.

Entertainment-wise, LG has included a 5-megapixel autofocus camera that will boast of dedicated LED flash. HD video recording in full 720p is possible over the handset besides there is also a special Panorama shot mode for taking enhanced Panorama shots. All in all the LG Optimus 7 is a complete package. Let’s just hope and pray the LG Optimus 7 deals pan out cheap as predicted by quite a few mobile phone reviews.




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