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How to pack properly for moving

So, you have chosen the right container International movers Dubai. The moment has come for immediate preparation for the move. It’s time to collect and pack things.

  1. Watch the weight of the boxes, do not overload them. This is inconvenient when moving them and increases the risk of rupture. The packed boxes should not be heavier than 10-15 kg.
  2. The general principle for packing any things: put heavier things (for example, books) on the bottom of the box, and something lighter can be placed on top.
  3. For packaging light, bulky items – clothes, bedding, children’s toys – medium-sized boxes are well suited.
  4. It is better to put dishes, books, other heavier things and objects in smaller boxes to avoid overloading.
  5. One of our favourite life hacks. Clothes on hangers are so convenient to transport packed in wardrobe boxes. Nothing will get wrinkled or get dirty.
  6. Shoes are put in their own boxes or in a common container. In the second case, stacking the shoes on top of each other, line each item with paper or air bubble wrap.
  7. Fragile objects, dishes, vases are especially often at risk during travel. Protect them additionally – pack them in several layers of air-bubble film, fix it with adhesive tape, only then carefully fold it into boxes.
  8. Small houseplants in pots are easy to pack: arrange them in a suitable box, filling in the spaces between them with wrapping paper, for example. The main thing is to monitor the temperature conditions during transportation!
  9. Try to place packed things in a compact room right away. Most likely, there will be a lot of boxes, they should not clutter up space, interfere with you until the day of moving. Do not stack heavy boxes on top of each other – the lower one may not withstand the load.

How to prepare furniture for transportation

  1. Cabinets or racks that will not fit into an elevator or car should be disassembled prior to transportation. Be sure to label all items, label the top and bottom, and securely attach the tight bag of small fittings directly to the furniture.
  2. So nothing will be lost, not messed up, and in a new apartment there will be no problems in order to assemble the furniture correctly and as quickly as possible. After disassembly, wrap the individual parts with stretch film, the corners can be protected with cardboard or several layers of air-bubble film.
  3. In Best movers dubai chairs, cabinets, coffee tables, other small pieces of furniture in preparation for the move cannot be disassembled; it is enough to unscrew the legs, handles and other protruding elements, if any. Stack all the details side by side so as not to get lost on the move. Then just wrap with a few layers of film.
  4. Film will help protect upholstered furniture from moisture or dust. Additional protection for corners, individual parts or legs – cardboard, special “corners” or several layers of air bubble film.
  5. It is best to invite professionals to disassemble, pack and prepare for relocation built-in furniture or furniture with a complex structure.




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