One man, one injury, cure redefined

One man, one injury, cure redefined

It takes just one person to start a movement. For Ayusya, it started with Mr. Vasant Agarwal’s deep-rooted ligament injury. A long-time and active badminton player without any physical ailments at even 60 yrs, he now feared the simple thought of mobility. He tried almost all pain relief products available in the market, simply to ease the excruciating pain. Nothing worked. The ineffectiveness of modern allopathic medicine to cure common ailments of our times increasingly baffled him.

Not one to give-up easily, Mr. Agarwal began researching ancient medical sciences of the world with a determination that wouldn’t easily be perturbed. He consulted and worked with several medical experts and Vaidyas, and after extensive research finally arrived at, yes, ‘an oil – an answer’. His efforts had paid-off in the guise of a new formulation which he called Valeria Oil. This herbal pain relief oil for joint pains, muscle strains, swelling and body pains worked like magic on his ailment! Pain forgotten, he lived a free and natural life now. He could play badminton again!

With a mission to perpetrate his discovery towards a larger good, he sampled this herbal oil to friends and colleagues suffering from chronic pain. Validation came fast and thick and he expanded the exercise, making samples available to absolute strangers through references and word-of-mouth. Soon, over six hundred people from near and far had tried and endorsed the effectiveness of Valeria Oil. Mr. Agarwal was now encouraged to take it a step further, on to a public platform. Simultaneously, he also embarked-upon creating other medicines for curing the most-common ailments afflicting modern lives. His portfolio of expanded medicines was focused on helping people suffering from outwardly irritants like hair loss, to life-threatening heart and chronic lifestyle diseases.

This was the inception of Ayusya. With no compromise in quality being our undying motto, Ayusya aims not just to bring you temporary relief, but provide a natural cure for your problems. We enable life!




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