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Sony MDRXB950BT Headphone Review

The Sony MDR-XB950BT on-ear earphone is a moderate headset that has noteworthy sound. Sony solely made this headset for the audiophiles. This fastidiously designed earphone has a completely clear, strong and heavenly plan. Individuals who love contemporary plans will most likely like this pair of earphones from Sony. The Sony MDR-XB950BT on-ear earphone has a tense plan. It’s entirely compact and can be easily hauled around. 

This earphone has an on-ear plan, which makes it more agreeable. It additionally makes an assurance that no solid is lost while tuning in, sony mdr-xb950bt/b review  and further develops client experience two or three indents. The padded ear cushion structure is extremely delicate for a steady and happy wearing experience. 

Sound Quality 

Sony thinks about strong quality as an excellent factor in making earphones. The Sony MDR-XB950BT on-ear earphone has a smooth sound quality. The sound elements are exceptionally completely clear, and the sound projection has no contortion. This earphone has a commotion retraction highlight to stay away from obstruction during calls. The earphone is entirely agreeable to wear and doesn’t cause cerebral pains. Its low register sounds are unmistakable, which brings about a tight, exact and complete sound insight. 


The Sony MDR-XB950BT on-ear earphone is a remote earphone. It has Bluetooth’s availability with a scope of 10 m from the transmitter. Its recurrence band is 2.4 GHz. The network is high, and it can interface with any viable gadgets or cell phones. Furthermore, the earphone additionally has a miniature USB for simple charging. 

Specialized Specifications 

Sony outfitted the MDR-XB950BT with a 40 mm driver. The recurrence scope of 3-28000 Hz is wide. Its impedance of 24 ohms and 102 dB/mW affectability is extremely good. An earphone is in fact a super unit of the Japan brand Sony. 


The earphone is extremely helpful to utilize. The cost is sensible and has a fantastic sound. The earpads are entirely agreeable, as well. 


To make the client experience fulfilling, Sony furnished the earphone with a great battery-powered battery that proposes as long as 20 hours of nonstop use. You would now be able to gather a playlist useful for 20 hours of persistent streaming. 


I experienced no difficulty interfacing with the Sony MDR-XB950BT through Bluetooth 4.0 on Android or iOS, and sound quality appeared to be extremely steady across different gadgets. I was even ready to forsake my telephone in one room and make it 20 feet away before the tunes went static. 

Matching through NFC, which permits you to play music by contacting your telephone to the earphones, demonstrated somewhat more trouble, yet simply because I was new to the convention. When I sorted out some way to initiate NFC on the Android gadget that I was utilizing, music was only a fast tap away. 

However, the least demanding approach to listen was to plug the earphones into my telephone utilizing the provided sound system link. Once connected, the MDR-XB950BT worked very much like a typical pair of earphones, however the Bass Booster work draws battery power and will quit working if the earphones are left unchanged. 

Call Quality 

The Sony MDR-XB950BT earphones have an uncanny lovely capacity to imitate that gut impression of a live exhibition, however they additionally have an uncanny capacity to catch live sound, frequently to sick impact. I utilized the earphones’ Bluetooth hit highlight to ring up a companion while I was taking off from the workplace. She quickly inquired as to whether I was going through a procession. I wasn’t. Truth be told, I was simply running through the entryway. However, she could obviously hear each and every individual in the glass-tiled room. That would have been valuable in the event that she’d expected to tune in on the safety officer’s day, however it made having a genuine discussion with her hopeless. 

Primary Concern 

With extraordinary sound detail, solid Bluetooth execution and simple to-arrive at controls, Sony’s Extra Bass Boost earphones — and their $200 sticker price — have a lot of allure. Tragically, these cumbersome jars need style, long haul solace and strong mic seclusion.




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