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Do You Suffer From Shiny Object Syndrome?

Are you familiar with the Disney Pixar movie Up? It’s one of my favorite movies and there’s a particular scene that just cracks me up. Without ruining it for you if you haven’t seen it, a group of dogs flying fighter planes is attacking until someone yells, Squirrel! and off they go into another direction, forgetting what they were supposed to be doing in the first place.

The Shiny Object Syndrome, also known as SOS is a common disease among passionate individuals. It’s what happens when you are easily side tracked, distracted or pulled away from what you were meant to be doing. SOS can happen in small doses, such as writing an email and then clicking on another page to see a Facebook post, 청주청소업체 or in big dozes, like joining several groups, buying home study courses, and participating in all sorts of events in search for the next best thing, while never completing any of them!

SOS is your resistance to taking action. It’s the idea that creating busyness is another way getting things done. In the end, all the busy work keeps you from taking conscious action and developing a rhythm of completion.

Make a conscious decision: Simply put, taking conscious action doesn’t mean adding more things on the to do list so you feel like you are achieving more. It actually means letting go of those activities that are not getting you anywhere- not serving your purpose. Every time you make a decision to do something, make sure you understand what it requires from you and what the outcome will be before you begin. This will help you stay on course until completion.

Stop avoiding what’s important: Lots of times, we avoid what’s important by getting busy. We fidget through the process because avoiding what’s important is less painful. To stop focusing on things that are not important, create a list of three things that are essential. By focusing only on the things that matter, you will be less likely to follow other shiny objects along the way.

Set your own limits: If you know what you will say no to, before the opportunity is presented to you, it will be alot easier to deny and move on. There will always be opportunities that look really good and sound irresistible. By knowing what things you don’t need first, you will have a better chance at saying no.

SOS is treatable with dedication and clarity. Know what you need to accomplish to get where you want to be and stay FOCUSED. The less you are sidetracked by brighter, shinier things that promise short cuts, the more you will accomplish in your life and business- guaranteed!

Araceli Gonzalez is the founder of Araceli helps creative entrepreneurs implement effective business strategies to achieve more in less time, experience consistent growth and productivity. In other words, enjoy increased profits and free time!


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