Mrs. Kanta

Mrs. Kanta

Mrs. Kanta
Pune ,Maharashtra

Now I can sit for long hours with folded legs & walk properly so happily…
My name is Kanta (mobile number 9987606798), residing in Pune (India), and my age is 65 years.

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I was suffering from acute problem of Arthritis which had developed very painful knee joints, and was unable to sit with folded legs for over many years. I had been under general Allopathic medication for some time which was developing unbearable allergies & side effects too. Then 18 months ago my Son came to know of the uses of NATUROPATHY MEDICINE named Valeria Capsule to treat Arthritis & Valeria pain relief Oil, provided by Ayusya Naturals. On seeing my condition, he not only consulted Mr. Vasant Agrawal (founder of ayusya Naturals), but insisted me to use these Ayusya’s products and throw away the allpathic medicines. He gave me 3 bottles of Valeria Capsule and I felt the improvement during the very first month within 20 days of medication itself. The results were visible and I felt like storing more Valeria bottles for any future need just in case they go out of stock with Ayusya Naturals. These naturopathy products are excellent without any worry for allergies and side effects too. Now I can sit for hours with folded legs & walk properly, and am back to my usual life and morning walk as well as long hours satsang’s sitting on the floor, which I had missed for long.
Many of my friends and relatives are surprised at my remarkable recovery and I give full credit to Ayusya’s Natural products. Thanks for the comforting natural solution to my earlier painful arthritis & knee joints. God bless !

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