Nancy Mathew Paul

Nancy Mathew Paul

Nancy Mathew Paul
Bachupally Hyderabad- 500090

Dear Sir, A year back that is in 2015 my mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer. Within a month we went for mastectomy.

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She was in 3rd stage so the doctors recommended 20 chemotherapy sessions. But she was not ready to undergo the treatment. We came to know about the Soursop juice and after the surgery we started giving Soursop juice and Wheatgrass juice. 6 months after we again went for mammogram and there was no traces of cancer cells. In the month of May 2016 we went for whole body scan i.e., PET scan. The result was normal. We are happy with these products and we also recommend this product to our friends and family members about the same i.e., Soursop and Wheatgrass which fights against cancer cells. Thank you very much for Ayusya Naturals.

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