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The benefits of Segway’s

Segway began developing a two-wheeled vehicle back in 1999. The task was to develop a device for moving around the city – fast, segways uk convenient and maneuverable. The first copy appeared in 2001 and was immediately liked by the happy owners.

In this article we will talk about what a Segway is, how it works and what is its advantage over other types of electric transport.

What is Segway?

Segway is a convenient and compact vehicle for every day. It is perfect not only for entertainment, but also for commuting to work or school. The Segway is equipped with a built-in gyroscope, thanks to which it maintains balance on two wheels and controls.

The main differences between Segway

The Segway differs from its modern counterparts in the size of the wheels. As a rule, the wheel diameter is larger than that of other types of electric vehicles. Due to this, Segway’s are an order of magnitude heavier than mono-wheels or gyro scooters.

Segway’s are also equipped with a special handle, segway for sale which greatly simplifies control. This is especially useful for novice users who have doubts whether they can master this device.

Mini Segway’s

In addition to standard models, there are mini-Segway. Their main advantage over conventional models is that they have a smaller wheel diameter, and the steering wheel usually does not exceed knee level. The weight of the device is slightly higher than the weight of a conventional hover board. But at the same time, mini-Segway are not inferior in engine power and ease of control.

The benefits of a mini Segway

  • High-capacity battery

Mini-Segway are equipped with a battery, the capacity of which is sufficient to cover a distance of up to 22 kilometers. You can comfortably get to work or study.

  • Powerful engine

The mini-Segway is equipped with an electric motor with a power of about 700 watts. Thanks to this, the device can reach speeds of up to 16 kilometers per hour. The powerful engine will allow you to roll on grass or sand, as well as ride on uneven roads.

  • Steering wheel

The steering wheel greatly helps both beginners and experienced users in operating the device. hummer hoverboard The height of the handlebars does not exceed knee height. Thus, you can comfortably operate the device, while your hands will be free.

  • Backlight

Models of mini-Segway, which you can buy in the KARKAM online store, are equipped with bright LED-backlighting. This will allow you to ride in the dark or even when there is no light at all.

  • Smartphone app

A special application “MiniROBOT” for Android and iOS will allow you to remotely control the device using your smartphone. The application also provides all the necessary information about the mini-Segway: speed, mileage and battery level.

  • Eco-friendly

Segway is an environmentally friendly form of transport. buy push scooters When the engine is running, the device does not generate harmful substances that negatively affect the environment.




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