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The Best Tips for Outdoor Window Cleaner Reviews

Are you looking for great tips for clean , clean, clean windows ?

Whether it is in the technique, the products used or even when to clean them, these various tips will help you to have spotless windows all year round!

Did you know outdoor window cleaner reviews that white vinegar is your best ally for cleaning your windows?

For windows without any trace of soap, mix 750 ml of lukewarm water with 250 ml of white vinegar in a spray bottle. Then wash your windows with this mixture using a sponge. No need to rinse!

You can also replace the vinegar with lemon juice for equally effective results.

Clean your windows with a outdoor window cleaner reviews

A little housekeeping tip: use two microfiber cloths to clean your windows.

The first, wet, will be used to wash a complete side of the glass. The second, dry, will wipe off excess soap and water and erase marks.

With the good weather showing up, it’s finally time to start your spring cleaning. 

Our winters are very tough on our windows and with all the dirt accumulated, they often end up high on the list!

To help you with your cleaning, here are 10 effective tips for having clean and shiny windows without leaving streaks:

1- Prepare your window

Before cleaning your windows, you must always start by removing the dust on them and cleaning the frames around them. You will avoid the adhesion of dirt and the risk of duplicating work if you hang your windows while washing your frames after the panes.

2- From the outside to the inside, from left to right

It is important for an optimal cleaning to start with the maintenance on the outside of the window, then on the inside. You will see the remaining spots better. In addition, opt for a repetitive movement that you will easily remember, from left to right for example, to avoid ironing on the washed surface and thus create new marks

For clean, fog-free windows, just pour a few drops of liquid glycerin on a nylon cloth (you could use an old nylon stocking) before scrubbing your windows


In this way, you will avoid the accumulation of dust and the formation of fogging due to the change in temperature.

Choose the Best Tools

It’s not just paper towels that are ideal. These options are also very effective for cleaning your windows:

crumpled newspaper: printing ink is an excellent cleaner and the paper is super absorbent

a microfiber cloth, a fabric that leaves very few traces

a rubber squeegee, outdoor window cleaner reviews the very famous squeegee which collects everything in its path

For clean windows, a little tip to keep in mind: wait for rainy or gray days to wash them.

When we wash our windows on a beautiful sunny day, the cleaner dries faster and risks making marks… which we certainly don’t want

Do you know of any other tips to add to this list for perfectly clean windows

What do you think is the best product for cleaning windows? Today, I have the great pleasure to share with you the recipe for the best window cleaner. In any case, I am totally won over by this house cleaner. I’ve been trying for years to find an effective one for my windows. The concern is that they usually leave a thin film of residue on the windows .

But not anymore, thanks to this recipe that was revealed to me by a professional window cleaner friend! It’s very simple, my windows are so clean that I don’t have any more

Before this magic recipe was revealed to me, I had tried every window cleaner I could imagine. I have tested dozens of window cleaning products. Both store-bought and home-made recipes. But the result was never perfect and there were always traces … It was then that my friend Manuel , a professional window cleaner , revealed his recipe to me. He swore it was the best. Its recipe based on white vinegar and water is simple, but particularly effective. The secret is actually to add a little washing up liquid to the mixture.

This technique is much more suitable for cleaning the exterior part of your windows, because they can be rinsed thoroughly with a garden hose. For the interior, use a spray bottle filled with the magic mixture and rinse the windows with another spray bottle filled with clear water. – Do not forget to rinse the windows thoroughly with clear water BEFORE the homemade product has time to dry. In fact, avoid cleaning the windows when they are in full exposure to the sun, as they may dry much faster.




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