The hoverboard as a practical companion on the go

The hoverboard as a practical companion on the go


Originally the floating hoverboard was just a gag from the comedy film “Back to the Future II”, but now science fiction has almost become a reality. However, you stay firmly on the ground with the real hoverboard.

What is a hoverboard?

Literally translated, hoverboard means “floating board”. Motorized skateboards that you control by shifting your weight are called hoverboards. A lot of fun, which also strengthens your sense of balance (and your body tension) enormously. A hoverboard can be described as a mixture of skateboard and Segway.

How does a hoverboard work?

The hoverboard is powered by a small motor that draws its energy from a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. A gyroscope (gyro stabilizer) is built into the step surface, which prevents it from tipping forwards or backwards.

How do you ride the hoverboard?

Like the Segway, you steer the hoverboard by shifting your weight, but you have to do without the supporting handlebar. Instead, you stand freely on the board.

Turn on the engine and get on the hoverboard. Wait a moment for the device to balance itself. Then you’re good to go.

How to ride the hoverboard:

If you lean forward slightly, the e-board will go faster; if you lean backwards, it will slow down.

Caution: If you lean back too much, it will reverse!

Turn bends by shifting your weight to the appropriate side.

Great driving fun is guaranteed with this light-footed, environmentally friendly method of transportation.

Where can you ride the hoverboard?

You are currently only allowed to move your hoverboard in “demarcated non-public traffic”, for example in your own yard. Why? Since an e-board can reach speeds of up to 10 to 15 km / h, it falls under the category of means of transport which, according to the StVZO, require a seat, handlebars, brakes, lighting and mirrors “due to the design”. Apart from (often great) lighting, the hoverboard does not have any of these equipment elements and must therefore not be driven on public roads. Again, it’s too fast for sidewalks.

How dangerous is the hoverboard?

It may look very difficult at first, but controlling the hoverboard by shifting your weight is a breeze. On your first attempt, get someone to support you as you step on. Practice shifting your weight and accelerating – and you will soon be practiced on the road. Most manufacturers have equipped their e-boards with additional security. Many devices switch off automatically as soon as contact with the foot is

lost, and their good suspension ensures smooth transitions, e.g. B. from the curb to the street or on paved paths.

What should you look out for when buying a hoverboard?

Since a hoverboard is still very similar to Segway board, the devil is in the details:

For example, pay attention to the maximum range of the battery when using S batteries when you want to cover longer distances.It is important to have good lighting that makes you visible in cloudy weather and illuminates the path directly in front of you in the dark. This is how you recognize obstacles in time.

Smaller solid rubber tires with a diameter of 6.5 or 8 inches are well suited for the road, while large 10-inch tubular tires are suitable for impassable forest and field paths. Here, however, you have to check the tire pressure regularly – and be careful of holes.

Maximum driving fun with the hoverboard

On hoverboards you roll very relaxed over streets and dirt roads.

This is how a hoverboard works

When you think of hoverboards, do you think of the cult film “Back to the Future II”, in which Marty McFly whizzed through the (then futuristic) year 2015 on a flying skateboard? You can’t fly with real hoverboards, but the driving pleasure is almost the same: You stand on a two-part board with two thick rubber tires on the sides and are driven by an electric motor. Since there is no bar with handles to hold on to, you have to keep your balance and steer the device in the desired direction by tilting it slightly. That is why it is also called the Balance Board. A gyroscope ensures that you cannot tip over.

These entry-level hoverboards are suitable for children

For children

So-called self-balancing scooters are recommended

. These have a high-quality, integrated self-balance system that compensates for any fluctuations caused by the inexperienced driver. In addition, make sure that your maximum speed is low so that your child does not overestimate themselves. Many hoverboards reach a maximum of ten kilometers per hour. This corresponds to walking pace and you can easily keep up while walking. In addition, your offspring will undoubtedly be happy about extras such as luminous wheels or

integrated Bluetooth speaker

. This allows your own favorite music to be streamed from the smartphone and provides the right soundtrack for outdoor enjoyment.

You should keep this in mind when buying an e-board

Hoverboards do not comply with the rules of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations and are not allowed to participate in road traffic. This means that you may only use your e-board in private, for example on your terrace and on garden paths. Since the hoverboards are excluded from road traffic, you do not need insurance or a driver’s license for them. Exactly like with the electric scooter

 And for an e-bike, a powerful battery is important that can last as long as possible and recharge quickly. If a strong adult or a small, light child is to ride the balance board, pay attention to the respective minimum and maximum weight of the desired model.

How to convert a hoverboard into a go-kart

Do you want more variety or is your child still overwhelmed with standing on the balance board? With a special kit, you can easily turn hoverboards into go-karts – or rather into hover karts. With most kits, it is sufficient to attach the E-Board to a metal frame with clips. This includes a comfortable seat with backrest, side bars and a small front wheel below the foot bars. High-quality models have an adjustable bar, with which you can adjust the hoverkart to your height, and lighting.

These safety tips should be followed the first time you use a hoverboard

Don’t overestimate yourself the first time you step on your hoverboard. Although the integrated gyroscope prevents it from tipping over, you must first get used to the free standing position without handles. It is best to ask a second person to stay close for the time being so that you can hold onto their shoulder if necessary. Then practice steering by shifting your weight at a moderate pace. If you are quite sure that you can steer and brake to the left and right, then venture out on longer journeys.




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