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Top 20 Free Android Games

Ever since reading Michael Abbott’s downright brilliant quest for Zeno Clash – a which I, among many others had wiped off as nothing at all than an inspired brawler – I’ve wanted to plunk down my $14.99 and hand it my full special attention.

Fedicopter ($2.99) – As opposed to flying a helicopter to rescue lives, this game has players flying a helicopter supply bailout money to failing banks.

Akai Gai ($.99) – Save the world from invading, cloning robots (that appear as if red smiley faces, no less) by finding primary robot and tapping it enough times to create a combo effect and live casino jobs obliterate the imitations.

Block War ($1.99) – Players are presented with a stack of shapes, and also the goal might be to remove all of the red shapes and replace them with green ones, but without letting the stack break.

This is one among the the best free Android arcade games that’s been around quite too much time. It’s constantly improving as there is a reason it’s been towards the top of the the list for seemingly ever. It is a m.ace333 apk game that has all kinds maps, live casino game stats and 11 difficulty counts. There are quite a few upgrades provided by this fixture.

Harbor Havoc 3D ($1.99) – Players draw lines to route boats, submarines and helicopters to every appropriate ports, but without crashing any of them into one other.

Space Channel Five Part 2 busted a move forward the Dreamcast in minimal Japanese release but returns to the Xbox 360 complete with Ulala in addition to a bunch of funky aliens who took thousands of hostages and forced to be able to dance. Players must copy the moves of their opponents from a rhythm-action game to free innocents from getting burned out by dancing. Space Channel Five Part 2 is 800 MS Points and 9.66GB in size.




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