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Unusual Terms When Talking About Kilt Outfits

There are 5 yard, casual great kilts, and more traditional 8-yard kilts. (Yards being the amount of material used to make the kilt. Kilts also come in different weights. The medium-weight -13oz, and heavyweight -16oz, tend to hang best. The lightweight – 10oz kilt is a good choice for a casual event or if you will be wearing it in a warmer climate.

What is the difference between modern, ancient, and weathered tartans?

Many tartans come in modern, ancient, and weathered versions. The modern colors are darker and bolder (representing modern chemical dyes). Ancient versions are slightly faded to give an older look and weathered versions are even more faded – both are made to look as though they have died with plant dyes used in the past.

What is the difference between dress and hunting tartans?

There are also dress and hunting versions of some tartans. Despite the names, both are suitable for formal occasions. The hunting tartan is made up of natural earthy tones such as green or brown, whereas dress tartans contain more white. The dress style takes after the plaid worn by highland women, called earasaid, which was usually white with colorful patterns.

What is the difference between sett and stripe?

Pleating to sett: this is the most common form of pleating, pleats are lined up vertically and horizontally to form the same overall pattern in the tartan. The result is that the kilt looks identical front and back.

Pleating to stripe: also know as military pleating, due to its popularity with military bands. It involves selecting one of the stripes in the cloth to pleat to, as a result, the front and back of the tactical kilts look different. This is a great option, though not ideal for all tartans.

What are hose, brogues, flashes, skean thus, fly plaids dirks?

The hose is socks.

Brogues are shoes.

Flashes are garter flashes, for keeping your socks up!

A skean is a small dagger of 3-4 inches in length. It is worn tucked into the sock.

A fly plaid is a section of pleated cloth in the same tartan as the got kilts worn over the shoulder.

A dirk is an a single bladed13 inch long dagger. It is often worn by officers and members of regimental bands as well as part of formal evening dress.




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