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What Are the Differences Between IELTS and PTE Academic?

The two tests are intended to test a competitor’s degree of English and are utilized by colleges to evaluate whether an individual is prepared to start college study, however there are critical contrasts in the two tests, both in arrangement and substance.

Incorporated and separate abilities

The IELTS Pakistan tests the four abilities of tuning in, perusing, composing and talking independently while the PTE Academic is the thing that is known as a coordinated abilities test. This implies that each question in the test surveys more than one expertise simultaneously. For instance, you could be approached to peruse a book and compose an outline of it, which is a perusing and composing incorporated abilities test or you may need to tune in to a talk and sum up it orally, which is coordinating tuning in and talking.

PC and paper based

Most likely the greatest distinction between the two tests is that the IELTS is totally paper based and the PTE Academic is altogether PC based. This implies that the two have various timings for stepping through the exam and accepting the outcomes. The IELTS tuning in, perusing and composing are done around the same time with the talking test being done on an alternate day and it requires around fourteen days for a possibility to get their outcomes. Conversely, all areas of the PTE test talking and composing, perusing and listening are led around the same time and the outcomes are accessible inside 5 working days. All areas of this test are done on a PC including the talking segment.


The subjects in IELTS are semi scholarly and are of general interest with no expert information required and have been composed by expert test authors. The primary distinction with the PTE is that the materials are credible, including the listenings, which implies that they are genuine scholarly talks from genuine instructors. The IELTS chronicles are spoken by entertainers so they are less genuine.

Revealing outcomes/declarations

The IELTS results are reviewed on a 9 band scale and a normal of the four papers gives the end-product. The paper declaration gives the end-product and a breakdown of the groups for every expertise. The PTE endorsement is electronic just for security reasons and the score is accounted for on a scale from 10 to 90. The outcome is separated into the four abilities and has a subsequent area called the “empowering abilities” which gives a score for sentence structure, oral familiarity, articulation, spelling, jargon and composed talk. This segment is helpful for contender to see which territories they need to improve.

Which test is better for me?

This truly relies upon what sort of test circumstance you like and how comfortable you are with test design. You should explore the two tests and practice them to discover which one suits your test taking style.

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