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What is a matric rewrite?

Supplementary exams (second likelihood exams) are for students who did not meet the necessities of the National Senior Certificate (NSC) or Senior Certificates (SC). The Department of Basic Education has created a programme called the Second Likelihood Programme.

The Second Probability Programme was designed to help learners who want to rewrite their matric subjects. This programme shouldn’t be restricted to students who failed matric as help can also be provided to part-time and supplementary learners.

Matric Pass levels

Higher certificate pass

Learners with a higher certificate pass may only study at an institution that offers higher certificate programs or you possibly can examine towards a course that does not require matric. To get a higher certificate pass you need to;

Acquire 40% in your Home Language.

At the least forty% in two different subjects.

No less than 30% for 3 other subjects.

Diploma pass

Learners with a diploma pass can examine at a university and get a diploma certificate. Learners can also study at a university that provides diploma courses. To get a diploma pass you must;

Get at the least forty% in your house language

No less than forty% in three different subjects

At the least 30% for 2 different subjects

Bachelor’s pass

Learners with a bachelor’s pass can apply to study at university, college or any school of higher education. Acceptance will rely on the course and university requirements. To get a bachelor’s pass you must;

Receive a minimum of 40% in your house language

A minimum of 50% in four other subjects

At least 30% in two different topics

Level system: What the grades imply

Level 7

80–100% (Outstanding achievement)

Level 6

70–seventy nine% (Meritorious achievement)

Level 5

60–sixty nine% (Substantial achievement)

Level four

50–59% (Moderate achievement)

Level three

40–forty nine% (Adequate achievement)

Level 2

30–39% (Elementary achievement)

Level 1

zero–29% (Not achieved: Fail)

Where can I apply for a matric rewrite?

You possibly can rewrite your matric through Matric college. Whenever you select to study by matric faculty, you will receive all of the support that it is advisable to complete your studies. One of the best part is that you will get to study within the comfort of your house as all of your relevant research material will be delivered to your doorstep.

Easy methods to put together for a matric rewrite?

Commit to your wellbeing

Create a study timetable

Determine your peak instances

Use past exam papers

Commit to your wellbeing

Studying for your matric exams can be very stressful. It will be significant that you take care of yourself. Make sure you eat healthy, get sufficient rest, train and make use of your assist system. For those who feel harassed or anxious, reach out to somebody you trust who you can talk to.

Create a study timetable

Creating a study timetable is a vital method to make use of that can assist you handle your time. A examine timetable will act as a guide for when you need to study.

Identify your peak times

We all have times in the day the place we’re more effective in how we work. These instances could be totally different between you and your peers. Once you know your peak hours, study your most tough topics throughout your peak hours. This will mean you can use more time and concentration on the topics you discover difficult

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