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What is the best 2020 vacuum cleaner?

Today, present in 75% of French households, the vacuum cleaner is obvious to clean its interior effectively. top canister vacuum cleaners Thanks to its simple functions and efficient suction, it really simplifies everyday life and alleviates household chores. However, its performance and functionality can be very different from one device to another: it is, therefore, essential to know the best of the models available to make the comparison yourself before making your choice. Based on its many years of experience, our consumer test portal, therefore, decided to make a comprehensive comparison of vacuum cleaners available on the market, based on hundreds of customer reviews, the external test analyzes, and our own. evaluations.

Vacuum cleaner list of the best products 2021

How do we proceed?

Our products are tested according to standards and standard checklists; they are certified by external testers. Customer reviews allow us to offer products of very good quality and at the best price. In case of doubt about a particular product, we take care of launching new test procedures with the support of our partners. We do not work for any organization, our product choices are made independently

What is a vacuum cleaner?

Born at the beginning of the XX th century, the vacuum cleaner is now an essential appliance. Thanks to the powerful suction generated by its fan, it efficiently collects dirt and dust on the ground and retains them in its bin.

This may or may not contain a disposable bag as needed. Multiple elements can make it possible to move the device more easily (top canister vacuum cleaners) or to access more delicate corners of an apartment or a house.

The vacuum cleaner adopts many forms which all meet a particular need: space saving , ease of use, lightness or suction of large waste have given rise to varied and cutting-edge models, designed by manufacturers in search of performance. It collects many laudatory opinions and accompanies a large majority of French households on a daily basis.

How does a vacuum cleaner work?

The operation of a vacuum cleaner is both simple and ingenious. Composed of a body or a head with motor and a pipe through which the particles are sucked in, the device creates a call for air in the pipe (or flexible) to remove in depth the impurities, whatever the support. This air intake, produced by a fan activated by the motor, has variable power depending on the model.

Advantages & areas of application

No matter what comparison you make, top canister vacuum cleaners the benefits of a vacuum cleaner are endless. Since its creation, this device has never stopped reinventing itself to adapt to everyday life and meet all constraints.

The level of hygiene: In comparison with its counterparts without suction, what distinguishes the vacuum cleaner is above all its capacity to truly retain dirt. While a simple broom generally returns a good part of the collected dust in the air, the vacuum cleaner captures the particles durably, for a more hygienic result. The result is incomparably better.

Efficiency: In addition, it also saves considerable time and energy. The current models, light and very maneuverable, can be handled with one hand when they cannot find their way on their own (in the case of robot vacuum cleaners).




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