What is the best massage gun in 2021?

What is the best massage gun in 2021?

For even more effective massages!

The massaging gun uses percussion therapy: its massaging head, almost vibrating, will strike your muscles several hundred times per minute to relieve your pain, percussive massage gun reduce your muscle tension and speed up your recovery.

But not all massage guns are created equal, and to be sure that you choose a quality device, I will immediately let you discover my selection of the best massage guns!

The 3 (real) Best Massage Guns of 2021

Abox Toncur – My favorite and good value for money

Theragun G3 – For professional use

Action Mini – Super practical to take everywhere (smartphone size)

The Abox Toncur massage gun has been entirely designed to soothe muscle pain as much as possible after an intensive workout, release knots and improve recovery. For this, the massage head has an amplitude of 12 mm, which allows it to propagate its vibratory stimulation to the deep muscles. The device also has 6 adjustable speeds, ranging from 1200 to 3300 impacts / minute depending on the desired massaging effect (muscle preparation, best massage guns uk relaxation or deep therapy). For optimal use, this massage gun is also delivered with 5 different heads: the ball, the double ball, the mushroom, the U and the cone allow to reach perfectly all the muscles, no matter where they are. locate. Especially since 2 handles are available for a perfect grip. Quite silent, each recharge of its battery finally gives it up to 5 hours of use.

My opinion: Since I tried it this Abox Toncur has become my favorite massage gun! It is that I like absolutely everything, whether it is its versatility as its efficiency. The brand has done a really good job with the different massage heads, muscle massage gun they are very easy to place on the device and I find them particularly well designed. They have the perfect blend of softness and firmness and they stimulate muscles well. Neck, shoulders, thighs… I couldn’t even say which one is my favorite because they all have their specificity! Being able to choose between 6 speeds also helps to adapt this massage gun to what you want to do with it (recovery, pain relief or even rehabilitation after a muscle tear), and it’s very pleasant. With its rather interesting price,

Theragun G3

For many years now, the Theragunis the benchmark massage gun for professionals and individuals. A true compendium of technology, it is able to deeply massage all the muscles of the body to heal itself, soothe pain or recover more quickly. On this G3 version, the amplitude of 16 mm really makes it possible to reach the deepest muscle tissues, and thanks to 2 different speeds (29 or 40 impacts / second), it is possible to choose the most appropriate massage according to sore muscle or tenderness. This massage gun is also supplied with 4 different heads to adapt to all areas of the body: a standard ball, a larger one, a finger-shaped and a cone. Finally, its design has been studied to allow optimal use:

My opinion: After all these years of doing CrossFit, I have tested many massage guns and this Theragun G3 is for me one of the most successful. It must be said that it was designed for professionals and you can feel it when you use it. Its percussion therapy, which combines both an optimal speed of “vibrations” and massaging heads of excellent quality with a successful design, is very effective. theragun for sale uk The pains are soothed, the trigger points are relieved, the recovery is facilitated, and before a sport session, it even helps to speed up the warm-up. Its shape also makes it easy to handle and it is very quiet, which makes it even more pleasant. Sure, it’s quite expensive, but if you’re a professional (or just want to treat yourself!), This is a massage gun that won’t disappoint!

Mini Action

The Muscle Relax Pro is the ideal accessory to relax your muscles and relieve tension and muscle pain. To instantly massage and promote blood circulation,




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