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Ayusya Naturals is an establishment deeply rooted in the ancient medical science of ‘Herbalism’. Ayusya’s natural remedies are curative and do not suppress ailments, rather they help resurrect the body and mind into a healthy state.

We create products from the best herbs, vitamins, minerals and enzymes. These herbal formulations created after extensive scientific research, ensure unparalleled effectiveness in restoring your health. Bearing the Food and Drug Administration [FDA] certification, our formulations are 100% safe, potent and natural. It comes with an underlined zero side-effects.


  • Sir, I want to tell you that in my childhood I had a severe asthma and every year of this period I start coughing as soon as I feel cold. I used German tablets called Bromgeksin. They slightly helped me but not much.

    Upon receiving your products, I immediately tried Ayusya Cough Syrup, 2 tablespoons and in less than 1 minute, it helped me. Amazing.

    Thank you for making such high quality products,  A lot of people will bless you and you will flourish non-stop.

    Thanks to Ayusya

    Zurab revazishvilli

    Tbilisi City , Georgia


  • (Irritable bowel syndrome, Manic depressive psychosis) – Suffering from – Obstinate constipation. Unbearable abdominal pain underwent gastroscopy, colonoscopy tests. Reports reveal that there was inflammation of intestines and nothing could be traced out. I used to suffer unbearable pain I stomach and I was feeling at that time, it is better to die immediately instead of living longer with this great pain. With the advice of my good friend from India, I started taking Ayusya Ganoderm One Capsule Twice a day. Found relief from abdominal pain and constipation. the psychiatric problem also relieved some extent.

    Mr. Sunil – Dubai

  • Last year I had too much pain in my legs below the Knee, not able to walk.

    One day I saw on Facebook Varicose veins Ayurvedic medicine. I have started this Vascodron for 90days

    I got relief. its wonderful medicine. Very much satisfied with Vascodron, Thanks.

    Mrs. Jyoti Ramchandani



  • I have working out in the gym for the previous 3 to 4 years. From the last one year due to the exercise I started feeling a muscle pain in my right shoulder. I tried lot of treatments to cure the same but could not get any relief from the pain as it was very severe. Then I tried Ayusya Naturals Valeria Pain relief oil which gave me lot of relief.

  • I have been suffering from Knee Pain for the last 10 to 15 years. I have tried all kinds of treatment Allopathy, Ayurveda but I did not get any kind of relief. From last 2 years I am using Ayusya’s knee pain relief Valeria oil and it has shown excellent results and has given me lot of relief.




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