Valeria Oil & Valeria Capsules

Hi…I’m Felicia Dsouza. I had purchased Valeria pain oil n capsules as I had pain in fingers…hip..left knee..left heel. I feel so much better. Thanks.

Felicia Dsouza

Valeria Oil & Valeria Capsules

My Aunty was suffering knee pain from last 2-3 years and could not find relief using any medicine until she used to apply Valeria Oil and the dose of capsules provided by Ayusya. She was asked to be prepared for operation if it doesnt get cured within some time but due to the medical course(Capsule and Valeria Oil) for 3 months has brought magnificient change in her physic. Mr. Abhay Chhatre 9619784484 Mumbai

Mr. Abhay Chhatre

Valeria Oil & Valeria Capsules

Hi , My leg got hurt by the channel of the sliding door while I was coming out of the function. It was badly hurt, I came home & used Valeria oil, for (2) times & pain was cured. Thanks to Ayusya For making such a wonderful product. Omkar Chowdhary 9820644524 Mumbai

Omkar Chowdhary

Valeria Oil & Valeria Capsules

Congratulations Ayusya Naturals for making a good product like Valeria Oil. My Husband and I who are both Cancer Survivors have used it and it has brought us relief. I have recommended this oil to many of my friends who have arthritic pain too. And they are very happy with it. In fact, I had taken this product with me to the U.S. for my use. My daughter there had spondylosis. She was so delighted with her pain free shoulders after using it that she kept the bottle and wants me to bring her more when I go there next. Keep up the good work! Janki Bhandoola+91-9833987105 Colaba ,Mumbai, Maharashtra

anki Bhandoola

Valeria Oil & Valeria Capsules

I am really impressed with ‘Valeria Oil’ and I congratulate your research team. It has given me a big relief. I would like place an order for bigger bottle. Yogesh Gandhi 9322232929 / 25128549 Ghatkopar East, Maharashtra

Yogesh Gandhi

Valeria Oil & Valeria Capsules

Now I suggest this oil to many people who are the sufferers of joint pain. It’s really good ! I really thank the manufacturers for making such a magical oil. V. Gopal Bangalore

V. Gopal

Valeria Oil & Valeria Capsules

I was suffering from severe back and joint pain from last 5 yrs but I took the risk of ordering Valeria Oil. After using for about a week I also felt that it’s not going to work, but I continued to use it and to my surprise I found that my pain was reduced by 70% after first month. M. Singh Delhi I have full trust on Valeria Oil. This is an amazing product. A. Vohra Chandhigarh

A. Vohra

Valeria Oil & Valeria Capsules

Valeria Oil is the best and the most amazing product for many people who suffer from joint pain. M Gupta Kanpur

M Gupta Kanpur

Valeria Oil & Valeria Capsules

It’s really an excellent product! I thank the Manufacturer and the whole research team for their efforts in making such a magical joint and Back Pain Relief Oil, which works as magic. S. Kapoor Mumbai

S. Kapoor

Valeria Oil & Valeria Capsules

VALERIA OIL’, quick, effective in arthritis & Joint Pain!! I am completely satisfied!.. MR. K.P.S. Nair 95120-2610295D-111-A, Brij Vihar Ghaziabad - 201011 (U.P - India)

MR. K.P.S. Nair

Valeria Oil & Valeria Capsules

Applied Valeria Oil and got good relief. Flexibility improved by almost 50%. Continuous use of Valeria Oil for larger period may result in greater percentage of recovery is what I believe, and is seen in the product itself. All the best to the company ‘AYUSYA NATURALS LLP’ for making such a beautiful pain relieving oil. Col. H.S. Takhtar J-601 Som Vihar, R.K. Puram Sec-10, New Delhi-110022 (India)

H.S. Takhtar

Valeria Oil & Valeria Capsules

My mom was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for last 5 years and i had tried almost everything starting from allopathic treatment to Ayurveda treatment but nothing seemed to help my mom, then i thought of giving Valeria oil a try and i ordered a free sample followed by an 50 ml bottle and it really worked in 15 days my mom is a lot better now and hence i have ordered 2 bottles this time. Thanks for your help. MR. Prasanti Nilayam Jena+91 986 133 0099Orissa

MR. Prasanti Nilayam Jena

Valeria Oil & Valeria Capsules

I had ordered a free sample of Valeria Oil for Joint Pain for my elder brother. I received the oil within 2 days. He had knee pain for past 8 years and used pain killers for many years. He used the sample bottle and experienced results within few days. His pain has vanished. This OIL IS A MIRACLE to people suffering from any type of muscular pain. I have recommended this oil to all my friends and relatives. He is completely pain relieved. I could not walk properly 2 years ago due to my knee joint problem. I started taking Valeria Capsules and applying Valeria Oil for past 4 months and now I am able to walk with ease. The joint pain has gone down drastically. All the best to “AYUSYA NATURALS LLP.” I shall definitely recommend this cure to many of my friends and relatives. MR. Prem Ohri 9891393313A-215 Sec-26 Distt.G.B.Nagar Noida (India)

MR. Prem Ohri

Valeria Oil & Valeria Capsules

My grandmother was suffering from Joint Pain. After consulting Doctor, they said this is because of lesser amount of Synovial Fluid present between the joint. I found Valeria Oil on internet. I contact them immediately and ordered. After using Valeria Oil my grandmother is really feeling much better than before. After 10days i ordered 2more bottles. Thank you Ayusya Naturals LLP. Mr. Sumit Sahoo ,Bhubaneswar

Mr. Sumit Sahoo

Valeria Oil & Valeria Capsules

I used free samples of ayusya Valeria oil , valeria capsules myself for muscular pain of paw and ankle , I was surprised to get relief in 6 hours one time massage of valeria oil and 1 Valeria capsule , I am easily walking enable for traveling, I am distributor of foods supplementary products , therefore I not sure to get relief from muscular pain within 3 days , Really ayusya products are good for our easy enabling life , Thanks a lot to you for good products help for humanity . Mr. Satyan sahu 7689842441 Chittorgarh, Rajasthan

Mr. Satyan sahu 7689842441 Chittorgarh, Rajasthan

Valeria Oil & Valeria Capsules

Your product Valeria oil is a very good pain reliever and I hope it reaches across all the horizons and I used it and My pain got relieved in 2-3 days….Thanks

Mr. Rohith Iyer 9844534541Bangalore

Valeria Oil & Valeria Capsules

It is unbelievable! Thanks Ayusya. … I am suffering from Osteoarthritis for last seven years. I was almost immobile due to cracking pain in my right knee. But, after I started taking Valeria Capsules, I am done with almost 50% of my problems in just one month. Also, pain in paws and ankles have considerably reduced. I am happy that I am becoming able to take up my normal activities gradually. Light massage with a little Valeria Oil also gives instant relief. It is really wonderful.

Mrs. Kalpana Mitra (Female, age 58)+91 98351 17743Ranchi, Jharkhand

Valeria Oil & Valeria Capsules

Now I can sit for long hours with folded legs & walk properly so happily… My name is Kanta (mobile number 9987606798), residing in Pune (India), and my age is 65 years. I was suffering from acute problem of Arthritis which had developed very painful knee joints, and was unable to sit with folded legs for over many years. I had been under general Allopathic medication for some time which was developing unbearable allergies & side effects too. Then 18 months ago my Son came to know of the uses of NATUROPATHY MEDICINE named Valeria Capsule to treat Arthritis & Valeria pain relief Oil, provided by Ayusya Naturals. On seeing my condition, he not only consulted Mr. Vasant Agrawal (founder of ayusya Naturals), but insisted me to use these Ayusya’s products and throw away the allopathic medicines. He gave me 3 bottles of Valeria Capsule and I felt the improvement during the very first month within 20 days of medication itself. The results were visible and I felt like storing more Valeria bottles for any future need just in case they go out of stock with Ayusya Naturals. These naturopathy products are excellent without any worry for allergies and side effects too. Now I can sit for hours with folded legs & walk properly, and am back to my usual life and morning walk as well as long hours satsang’s sitting on the floor, which I had missed for long. Many of my friends and relatives are surprised at my remarkable recovery and I give full credit to Ayusya’s Natural products. Thanks for the comforting natural solution to my earlier painful arthritis & knee joints. God bless !

Mrs. Kanta+91 9987606798Pune ,Maharashtra

Valeria Oil & Valeria Capsules

Dear Mr Vasant Agrawal ji, This letter is to inform you that I stay in a building on the 3rd floor for last 3 to 4yrs .I was having a lot of pain on my Knee area . Using Valeria Oil getting most relief in my knee pain thanks

Nemichand Jain+91-9920040069 Mumbai

Valeria Oil & Valeria Capsules

I had ordered a free sample of Valeria Oil for Joint Pain for my elder brother. I received the oil within 2 days. He had knee pain for past 8 years and used pain killers for many years. He used the sample bottle and experienced results within few days. His pain has vanished. This OIL IS A MIRACLE to people suffering from any type of muscular pain. I have recommended this oil to all my friends and relatives. He is completely pain relieved.

no name

Zulf Hair Oil

I First of all thank Ayusya Naturals from the bottom of my heart to introduce such good Ayurvedic and Herbal products into the market. All their products are side effect free and very effective. I am a Breast cancer patient and had been operated last 4 yrs back and since then have used their Zulf Hair oil which helped me in getting back my new hair which I had all lost due to Chemo therapy. Also have used their Curcumin, Soursop Juice and Ganoderma Capsules which helped me bring back my Immunity and also fight cancer cells as till date I haven’t got it back. Also have Arthritis problem since many years now and have used their Valeria Pain Oil and Valeria Capsules which are very effective. I had been suggested by my doctor to go for knee replacement but with these two products used I am relieved with the pain now and do not have to go for any surgery. All the best to the entire team of Ayusya Naturals in keeping up the good work and introducing such effective products in the market. I shall definitely recommend this to many people around me in future.

Mrs. Mavji 9821221700

Zulf Hair Oil

I wish to purchase your hair oil. I need 150 bottles of ayusya Zulf hair oil. I purchased this oil from you previously, and I am very pleased with it.

Samina Amman – Jordan

Zulf Hair Oil

I was suffering from hair loss problem for the last one and half year as I am working in Abroad due to hard water use in GCC countries I was suffering hair fall problem, then I started to use Ayusya Zulf Hair Oil it worked fine enough my hair fall problem has been decrease tremendously.It help me in Stops Hair Fall and Removes Dandruff.It’s really an excellent product! I thank the Manufacturer and the whole research team of Ayusya Naturals for their efforts.

MR. Mohsin A. Kazi+91 9892790953Bhiwandi, Maharashtra

Zulf Hair Oil

I had purchased the sample bottle of Ayusya ” Zulf ” hair oil from an exhibition at World Trade Center… I don’t really have a problem of hair fall or hair loss. I found this product excellent as it improves the quality of hair where I can recommend to many more in future. Thank you very much for all your help in arranging the delivery of large bottle 300 ml of Ayusya ” Zulf Hair Oil ” at my residence at Dadar Parsi Colony. Keep up the work. Best Wishes,

Ms. Tehnaz Davar +91 9819559905 Mumbai

Zulf Hair Oil

Hello friends, I have thin n dull hair ,,,n I have a suffered hair loss because of stress n pollution . ZULF Hair oil is D solution for my dull n damage hair…it brings back.I was amazed by its effect. Thanks Zulf

Ms. Medha Joshi+91 9664444704Thane (West) Maharashtra)

Zulf Hair Oil

Zulf Hair oil is a very good product, I was really very much satisfied by its use. It helped me by stopping my hair fall issue and also my husband was suffering from baldness. Which was cured him as it brought him new hairs after the application of Zulf Hair oil for 8 months. Thanks Zulf Hair oil, and I shall recommend to our patients for the confidence level to increase. Dr. Mrs Sanketa V SinghB.H.M.S, C.C.H, C.G.O (mumbai) Family Physician and Consulting Homoeopath Clinic :- Sai Pratishtha Shop No. 5, Sai Society, Hare Krishna Road, Chaitanya Nagar, Powai, opp. IIT Market, Mumbai - 400 076

Dr. Mrs Sanketa V Singh B.H.M.S

Zulf Hair Oil

I am a regular user of zulf hair oil.. Its been an amazing experience.. It lives upto its name n what d packet says.. Being of d age of 46 I had stopped expecting my hair to get any better.. I had expected that hair fall cannot be reduced now n the quality of my hair will keep decreasing only.. But since the time I have started using zulf hair oil my hair have become really great such that I adore them now.. My hair have genuinely grown quite long, got healthy, dense and black. Thanks for this wonderful quality product Zulf .. Hoping to be your loyal customer forever!! A loyal customer of ayusya

Rachna Damani +919324038494

Zulf Hair Oil

Dear Ayusya, I am using your Zulf Hair oil and Hair pack both for last about 6 months.I wish to inform you that both of this products having wonderful results. My hair fall had stopped with 4 days of using it and Dandruff was totally removed in about 1 half month. My hairs are becoming silky now an d I have a good hair growth which had become very thin. Thank you very much.

Beena Sharma+91-022-28813065 Mumbai

Bovine Colostrum

I had been using Bovine Colustrum 2 capsules daily in the morning. I am patient of asthma and copd for the last 25 years. I was taking 6 mg Defcort, Montelo 10 mg, Supra dyn. After taking Bovine Colostrum for 4 monthes, I did notice change in ,positive.. At the moment I take, Foracort 400 once in the morning, Monte love 5 mg on alternate days, defcort 6 mg every morning. BOVINE COLUSTRUM HELPED ME TO IMPROVE MY IMMUNITY. THANKS TO RAJESH WHO SGGESTED ME BOVINE COLOSTRUM IN Mumbai.

Chandra Shekhar Mehra+91-9818018108 Delhi

Bovine Colostrum

My name is Shashikant Upadhyay. I m suffering from Myasthenia Gravis past 4 years, & i m on Allopathy medicine since than. I started with Bovine Colostrum & Gomutra Arka of Ayusya Naturals. With a week it give me ” Immence Relief “, & now after consuming it for over a month, i have totally stopped Steroids & Drugs. Thanks to Shri. Vasant Agarwal.G, & Ayusya’s team, for his guidance & help that he provided to me.

Shashikant Upadhyay 9223619990 Dahisar (W), Mumbai

Nector Plus

Dear Vasantji, We have taken your diabetes relief product called ‘Nector Plus diabetes relief Capsule’ & only after taking your Two pack which is 180 capsules, my allopathy medicines has totally stoped. Now my diabetes is totally under control & I find my self a lot energetic. Thanks Ayusya.

Alok Jasrapuriya+91-9335498873 Varansi, Uttar Pradesh

Nector Plus

Hi , I am Dr.Sudarshan Khurana suffering from diabetes since 2011 and I have been using allopathic medicines to control my diabetic value 340 , but i was not getting the proper results, then i started taking ayurvedic medicine from 6 months NECTOR capsule from AYUSYA NATURALS .now i am having my controlled value 120 , Thanks Ayusya

Dr.Sudarshan Khurana+91-9416332266 Rohatak, Haryana


This is to certify that Syr. Vascodron is useful in palliative line of treatment in case of Vericose Veins. Dr. Alpana Shah-Nambiar+91-2228755716, +91-9870755716267/1 Amar Apartment, Road No: 12. Jawahar Nagar, Goregaon (W). Mumbai -400 062

Dr. Alpana Shah


Dear Vasant Agrawal, This letter is to thank you for the relief which I have got in my Varicose veins problem. I was not being able to stand even for 10 mints, my Legs used to pain like hell. I was facing this problem from last 15 yrs. After you suggested me to take Vascodron, which I am taking from last 4 months. Now I am being able to go to parties stand there for half an hour and I have no problem. Thank you once again for such a wonderful suggestion.

Raj Kumar Poddar+91-9322244700 Mumbai


My name is Shubhangi More from Pune. I was suffering from Thyroid from last 3 months, reports are showing thyroid was 6mm, I tried medicine as but it didn’t work. I received your information about Ayusya Wellness tea from my colleague, I had ordered & started taking Wellness tea & I was surprised that within 1 month of time period I come to know my thyroid has reduce to 3mm, Thanks for Ayusya For making this wonderful wellness tea product.

Shubhangi More, Nr. Aundh Hospital Pune-411027

Wellness Tea

Dear Mr Vasant, After you recommended I have started taking wellness tea. This is basically recommended for Diabetes & thyroid (Hyper)is under control. I feel absolutely fresh after having your wellness tea. Congrats for such a nice product.

Anil Sharma 9821027497 Mumbai

Cancer Rejanuvation Kit

My Name is Basavraj from Banglore. My daughter’s name is Archana B. ,she was detected with Brain Tumer (11mm). We did Rediation & chemotherapy for 30 days continues & after that Chemotherapy for 5 days a month for Six (6) months but no result . Then some one told us about Ayusya Naturals Cancer Products from Mumbai. We called & got those as they were all natural products with no side effect. After six months time test was done & we found the growth is disappeared. Dr. was also surprised to see this result. We thanks Ayusya for such a lovely products & God bless them.

Basavraj+91 9141229405 Banglore, Karnataka

Cancer Rejanuvation Kit

Dear Sir, A year back that is in 2015 my mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer. Within a month we went for mastectomy. She was in 3rd stage so the doctors recommended 20 chemotherapy sessions. But she was not ready to undergo the treatment. We came to know about the Soursop juice and after the surgery we started giving Soursop juice and Wheatgrass juice. 6 months after we again went for mammogram and there was no traces of cancer cells. In the month of May 2016 we went for whole body scan i.e., PET scan. The result was normal. We are happy with these products and we also recommend this product to our friends and family members about the same i.e., Soursop and Wheatgrass which fights against cancer cells. Thank you very much for Ayusya Naturals.

Nancy Mathew Paul+91 9963003778 Bachupally Hyderabad- 500090


Excellent product. Used to take wheat grass powder first but now switched to wheat grass juice. Simply wonderful. Thanks Ayusya..

Mr. Basabjit Chowdhury 9932011223 Siliguri, West Bengal 734003


I am a patient of Myochardial Ischemia (Biocked Arteries). I have undergone Angioplasty once in 2002 and again in 2006. Since then I am on medication for lowering cholesterol (statin group) and maintaining optimum BP. Resulting in various side effects causing ailments & discomforts to my body. I have started taking Rhodendron for last six months and have been immensely benefited. Now the daily dose of my medicines have been reduced to half by my doctor. Taking Rhodendron regularly for last six months with a little physical exercise have done wonders to my health. I am all praise for Rhodendron by Ayusya Naturals. Thanks a lot !

Mr. Bijoy Kr. Mitra (Male, age 59)+91 9835117743Ranchi. (Jharkhand)


Dear Ayusya, I came to you about 1yrs back, doctors in Rajnath Gaon, Chattisgarh told me that I have Blockage in my heart. I should go immediately for Angiography. Thanks that you have suggested me to wait for 3 Months and try Rhodendron and now I could easily climb 3rd floor but to my surprise I absolutely had no issues .I wish you to thank you for the same.

Sushil pasari+91 9826130304 Rajnath Gaon, Chattisgarh


Dear Sir, I am satisfied of this product. , Bihar 846 003 India

Pawan Kumar Darbhanga


Dear Ayusya, Good product of Ayusya Mohan Parashar ( Vikhroli West ) Mumbai 400083 , Maharashtra India

Mohan Parashar


नमस्ते। मेरा नाम लक्ष्मी यादव है। मैं कई महीनों से vericose veins के दर्द से बहुत परेशान थी । मुझे कुछ दिनों बाद राजीव सिंघल जी से "आयुष नेचुरल rhodendron "के बारे मे मालूम हुआ। छह महीने इस दवा का इस्तेमाल किया और मेरे पैर का दर्द एकदम से खत्म हो गया। धन्यवाद इस दवा को और कंपनी को।

Laxmi Yadav


Got relef in Uric acid by Detoxidron

Mr. Manmohan Palat +919823900887, Mumbai


My Wife was facing problem of Varicose Veins , Got almost 80% Releif in Varicose Veins, She is love to continue this product, Thanks Ayusya

Ram Suhag, 9969880754, Navi Mumbai


Got relief in Varicose veins, Satisfied with Ayusya Vascodron

Harish Arun Patil , 8668831327, Jalgaon, Maharashtra

Valeria OIl & Valeria Capsule

Got relief in Joint Pain ..satisfied with Valeria Oil & Valeria Capsule. Thanks to Ayusya

Anil Bhosekar, 9322256009, Mulund west, Mumbai


Taking Rhodendron for overall health also having varicose veins problem, Got much relief, Good Product

Medha Mhatre, 7021348266, Mumbai

Curcumin & Wheatgrass

Taking Ayusya Curcumin And Wheatgrass for overall health satisfied with the products

Pankaj Patil / Pravin Patil, 7738241114, Mumbai

Vascodron & Ganoderma

I had dibetes from last 20 yrs and varicose veins problem with severe wound in my Leg which was not curable with any medicine (Alopathic), It was very paining to me , I came to know with Ayusya Products by One of my Friend , I started using Vascodron and Ganoderma from last 6 months regulerly & I was surprised and Amazed that My Leg wound got healed and cured, happy with Ayusya Products

Ramesh Mangaonkar, 9324155781, Dombivali Mumbai

Ayusya Cough Syrup

I want to tell you that in my childhood I had a severe asthma and every year of this period I start coughing as soon as I feel cold. I used German tablets called Bromgeksin. They slightly helped me but not much. Upon receiving your products, I immediately tried Cough Syrup, 2 tablespoons and in less than 1 minute, it helped me. Amazing. My mum has had knee joint problems for a couple of years. I used 3 drops of Valeria oil on her one knee and three on the other and in one minute the oil helped. My mum could not believe it. Cough syrup is great. I have also tried ointment which is also good. I am receiving Bovine Colostrum chewable tablets and I feel more energetic. I also used Zulf oil which is great too. We must occupy this region thru your help. Your supplements are real and work very well and like many others here.

Zurab Revazishvilli Georgia tbilisi


My father in law's last bottle of medication is going on. Can you please arrange for the next set of Canhelp? After 3 bottles of Canhelp ,he is feeling more energetic then earlier. Now he is able to turn to his sides without pain.

Shiva Sukh dal 9967873039


My Mother was suffering with Paralysis Right side of the Body since 2014, come to know about Ayusya Rhodendron Through One of my Colleague and started giving Rhodendron, and Myself and my Mother is so happy that got more relief in Paralysis. Thank you so much Ayusya team for making such Wonderful product

Reme Mumbai 8652098501